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This truly amazing product is based on one of the greatest discoveries of modern history.

Inflammation is driven by a glycolytic shift. This glycolytic shift moves the energy production from the mitochondria to the cytosol to produce ATP very rapidly. At the end of this energy-producing cycle you will find vast amounts of lactic acid and hydronium ions that feed the endless inflammatory loop. In the inflammatory micro environment you will not only find lactic acid and hydronium ions but also high concentration of sodium ions. These are key players in keeping inflammatory loop endless. 

Better eating habits, like an anti-inflammatory diet is good but it will probably not put an end to the loop as it is self-sufficient. It might sometimes be enough but not very often. Why not go to the source? This is what Phase-II does. 

Phase-II is an all-natural selective inhibitor of aerobic glycolysis/ restores mitochondrial activity. Although this product starts acting within 4 hours but please allow up to 2 months for evaluation. 



LEGAL STATUS: Contains no controlled or restricted substances. 

INGREDIENTS*: D-mannose/catechol-modified sodium complex (sodiumsalt of citrate, bicarbonate and carbonate), Ion Stabilizer™ (sediment from ancient rocks).   

* may be subject to small changes without notice as this product is under continuous development.  

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